Why Brand Consistency is Crucial to Your Business

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Why Brand Consistency is Crucial to Your Business

June 13, 2019 Blog 0

If your business is the place to be, your loyal customers are going to tell the world! However, be wary. Just as quickly as you’ve earned the trust of a loyal customer, it can be lost – which is why brand consistency is crucial to your business.

It’s not enough to slap a logo on your business and marketing collateral and call it consistency. At the end of the day, it’s not just the physical space and tangible items that need to be consistently branded for your business to be a success. In order to build trust and loyalty from your customers, brand consistency needs to be recognized across design, messaging, service and leadership.


Let’s face it. Designing a super rad logo for your business is fun! It’s probably the first thing that people think about a lot of the time when they come up with a great idea. Your logo should reflect your mission, values and the overall feel of your business. When people see it, they should understand what it is you offer and be curious about your brand.

Your logo should be showcased at your location, on your website, social media, internal documentation, training materials, communications – everything! When people see your logo out in the community, they should either know what it stands for or want to learn more.


How you are communicating the value of your business is equally important. The content you are delivering, the style you are delivering it in and the other influencers you are aligning your brand with should support your identity.

The content you share should be relevant and showcase the flavor of your brand – tell your customers what you care about! The tone and voice used across all platforms should remain consistent so your followers can remain connected and engaged. When engaging with influencers to represent your brand, make sure that what they do is complementary to your business and your goals.


Customers come to expect things to be a certain way. Your business operations need to be consistent as well, and that means everyone has to be working towards the same goal – providing excellent customer service. What that looks like for each business will be different based on your offering, but clearly defining and communicating what these key service touchpoints are to your team, and holding everyone accountable, will separate you from your competition.

Think about all areas of your business in regards to service when you are defining your brand standards. How many staff should be on the floor? What should this dish look like when it reaches the guest? How should your staff be dressed? Service isn’t just about the interaction between the customer and a staff member- it’s about the overall experience in your space.


I believe that consistent leadership is the MOST important piece when building a successful business. Success comes from the top down and all leaders within the business need to be communicating the same messages: to each other, to the staff and to the customers.

It is important to note here that there is value in having leaders with an array of strengths and different leadership styles. As long as they are still working within the guidelines of your brand and remain consistent in their individual style so people know what to expect, it can enhance your team.


We are creatures of habit. If we find a spot we love that’s welcoming, where we can genuinely connect with the staff, and they can whip up a great meal or pour a cold beer, each and every time – that’s where we’re going to go. Again and again… and probably again!

Once people have built trust in a brand, they’ll support it however they can: regular visits, rave reviews, social media engagement, word of mouth, etc. By practicing consistency within your business, that brand can be yours!


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