marketing & communication for restaurants, breweries, wineries & coffee shops

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Build brand awareness, grow your social following, generate leads, implement processes, and increase revenue. Let’s work together to create brilliant content and materials to streamline your systems, engage your clientele and build the brand you’ve been dreaming of.

All packages can be customized to meet the needs of you and your business. Here is a buffet of the services I offer – you see what I did there?

Project Management

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to starting a new business. Let me be there to support you through this exciting journey from start to finish! I can offer support: building a project timeline, engaging stakeholders, keeping track of your budget, collaborating with your team, managing handover, and supporting initial operations. 


Competitor Analysis

By conducting a competitor analysis, identifying who your competitors are and how you can gain a competitive edge, I can support you in determining which products or services you should offer in order to meet and exceed the offerings of local competitors, and support the development of a well rounded business plan. We will look at: operations, design, menu, marketing, and your online presence.


Menu Design

By looking at trends with design, menu items and pricing I will help you create a menu that fits with your brand. Whether you need me to opimtize an existing menu or create a brand new menu for you from scratch, I can work with you to develop the perfect menu to fit your brand.


Operating Systems

By identifying areas that your systems can be optimized, I can help you create materials and a plan to keep things running smoothly. I will look at all areas of your business: finance, administration, marketing, service, kitchen operations etc., and work with you to identify gaps, automate processes and put systems in place.


Bar & Kitchen Recipes

How do you ensure that your staff are making all items to spec, each and every time? Create reference materials that are consistent, efficient and easy to follow. I can help you build recipe guides for all food and beverage items in your business. This can include: photos of all finished proucts, detailed builds, selling features, allergy awareness, prep & par sheets.


Manuals & Guides

By working with you to create a comprehensive collection of duties and tasks within your business, we can identify what positions and systems would benefit from reference materials. This can include: checklists, safety protocols, postional manuals, written procedures, and quick reference materials, all in electronic formatting so it is easy for you to update regularly as your business grows.



I will work with you to create training materials so all current and future members of your team are on the same page. This can include: a hiring strategy, training schedules, tests & answer keys. I can also help facilitate the rollout of new menus, products or systems within your business. If you are opening a new space, I can help walk you through the training of your entire team and support your operations through your opening. 



I can help you create targeted, engaging pieces of content that will tell the world what your business is all about! We can use paid media, email marketing and content marketing to target your ideal customer. This can be through blog posts, podcasts, videos etc. I can help you develop a stellar content marketing strategy that will be efficient and easy to execute. I’ll work with you to create engaging, eye-catching marketing content and deliver content that drives results.