Somerville Academy: My Story

Somerville Academy: My Story

February 3, 2020 Digital Marketing Freelancing Personal 1
Somerville Academy

In 2018, I was working multiple jobs and trying to finish my degree at the University of Victoria. I was working in a restaurant and the long hours and late nights were starting to get to me. I had seen a post about the Digital Marketing program at Somerville Academy and reached out for more information in the Fall. After my 45 minute strategy session with Katie Jeanes (lead instructor and digital marketing extraordinaire!) I knew this was going to be the right path for me and I’m so glad I took the leap. 

By Spring 2019, I had completed a Digital Marketing diploma at Somerville Academy as part of their Launch Your Career program. It was an amazing experience that has completely changed my freelancing journey. I wanted to leave the restaurant industry and learn more about how digital marketing could help me grow my own business. The skill-set I uncovered has been more valuable than I ever imagined! The team at Somerville was able to tailor the program to my freelancing needs, I have been able to apply what I learned at all jobs I have worked at since, and I haven’t set foot in a restaurant or poured someone a beer since starting the program (unless I’ve been there to enjoy a cold one for myself).

Here’s a summary of how Somerville helped me get on track to achieve my goals!

Building Confidence 

Attending Somerville gave me the confidence to market myself and my business. I feel confident in helping clients identify their needs and helping them implement changes with Google Analytics, SEO, paid social, content marketing and more. Working through their curriculum, I learned many new skills and was also able to pinpoint the skills I already had that could support me in building a well-rounded business model. I learned that I needed to market myself authentically and figure out how I could best support people on their own journey. 

Making Connections 

Freelancing is FUN! Since finishing at Somerville and working for myself, I have met SO MANY cool people working on creative, innovative projects, all over the world. I feel so lucky to be able to connect with passionate people and work on projects that make me feel inspired. Every project is different and I am constantly learning about new products, places or services that are out there in the world. I feel like by helping people share their stories, I’m making a difference.

Being Part of a Village

When you attend Somerville you not only get a stellar education, you become part of a village – The Somervillage. During my program I overcame all challenges with a team of strong-willed, like-minded women that are all a part of this village. This has always been a safe space to share our wins, ask questions about areas we were struggling in, and share things about our personal lives. I truly made friends along the way through this program and today this remains a place to share our tips, tricks, wins and fails! 

Learning to Say No 

I’m a hustler and I love to be busy. Once I was out freelancing on my own, I had to know my own limits and learn to respect them. Turning down work is something that I have had to work really hard at. Sometimes people want things for less or are working on projects that don’t align with my values. I have been empowered through Somerville’s teachings, that saying no to certain projects or working with certain clients is totally OK. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit and at the end of each day I want to feel good about the work I’m doing and the people I’m working with.

Read more about my experience at Somerville Academy over on their blog!


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