Surround Yourself with Super Humans

Surround Yourself with Super Humans

February 11, 2020 Personal 0
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I had an awesome chat last week with a friend that gets me pumped up about life. She’s one of those people that just has this energy about her. She’s authentic, upbeat, supportive, optimistic – truly a super human! We started talking about how we feed off of each other, get easily excited about the other person’s ideas and are just generally on the same page. 

It’s so valuable to have someone that gets excited for you when you share your ideas and goals with them. Ideas start flowing back and forth, vibrations are high and afterwards you feel so refreshed, energized and inspired. Research has shown that interacting with certain types of people can increase our enthusiasm, stamina, and effectiveness. As a result we can reap the benefits of improved physical and mental health. 

My advice – surround yourself with super humans! 

Ditch the Toxic People in Your Life

Toxic people are motivated by their need to feel good about themselves. When they are belittling you or telling you your dreams are out of reach, these “nay-sayers” can be a real buzz-kill. Often in the moment I let myself get thwarted by their negativity, but afterwards I reflect on their behaviour with curiosity and use it as a learning experience. 

By recognizing that toxic people are possibly just stuck in their own struggle, you can develop a sense of empathy towards them, and be kinder to yourself. This makes it easier to deal with people’s negativity in the moment. While you can’t change what toxic people say, you can change how you react. 

“Play With Your Food”

For the last decade, I’ve lived my own mantra – Play With Your Food. I try more now than ever to embody this way of living every day. Life is too short to focus all of your energy on things and people that don’t fill you with joy. Life should be full of experiences and people who build you up so you can become the best version of yourself.

To “Play With Your Food” is to not do what you’re told. Go against the grain. Take a risk. Make a mess. Do something that scares you. Stand up for what you believe. It’s about being playful and carefree and genuinely excited about your own life. Surround yourself with people who want you to be awesome and try new things!

Solidify Your Squad

Find the people in your life that motivate you to move forward and tell them they’re important to you. For me these are the people I share my personal stories with. They make big problems seem small, change the way I see things and encourage me to work towards my goals. 

The more positive energy you put out, the more of these types of people you will naturally attract. Your bright outlook on life and your go get ‘em attitude will be just the ticket to kick toxic people to the curb and help to solidify your squad of super humans!


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