a little bit about

Robyn Burgess 

Robyn has over 10 years of experience working in project management – mainly supporting capital projects in hospitality and healthcare. 

She is passionate about the prioritizing the people side of this work and supports organizations in transforming how they build trust within their teams and conduct project management. 

Robyn currently lives in Kelowna BC with her partner Kyle and their daughter Averie, each day getting closer and closer to their dream of owning a goat farm. 



People first. Projects second.

My mission is to shift how organizations think about project management – building relationships with people first, and supporting with project management tools, methodologies and approaches second. 


I commit to investing time, energy and attention into building relationships that nourish and strengthen my community.


I commit to creating safe spaces for the sharing of life experiences and stories, and seek to know and understand the perspectives of others. 


I commit to staying balanced and weaving together all areas of my life in order to show up in spaces light, grounded, curious and whole. 


I commit to owning my own story and making choices that are best for me to see things through, or let things go. 


I commit to being curious, becoming more self-aware and using every interaction as an opportunity to learn.